Read My Novel, 27, In Real Time

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You can read my young adult, supernatural thriller, 27, chapter by chapter as I write it at 27.

The novel opens in Venice Beach, California, with a young woman named Josie who has an unusual talent: when she sings, otherworldly things happen around her. She usually sings to the Pacific Ocean to help her Uncle Gary surf. But when she sings to an audience at an art exhibit, the spirit of a tortured soul enters her body and refuses to leave without intervention.

A trip to her family’s home island of Kauai exposes the story of her heritage, proving that Josie is from an extraordinary family. She discovers that the untimely deaths of her mother and grandparents were tied to their own unique abilities. She struggles with the revelation, fearful that she will meet the same destiny.

Josie learns the keys to her survival are her ancestor’s ancient rituals, and the protection of a young man she meets on the island. As she learns more about her mysterious father, she’s faced with the ultimate decision: embrace who she is or hide her true nature to avoid an unknown, possibly damned fate.

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