Ode to my Favorite Bars

adult alcohol bar bartender
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I miss bars

Not breweries

Not “tap rooms”

Not “gastro pubs”

I miss bars

Dark and dank (Deadwood)

A “hole in the wall” they call it in the Midwest (Yacht Club)

Worn-in seats (Foxhead)

The smell of old, cheap, beer-stained carpet (Billy Joe’s)

The retro spinning carousel of horses on an ancient, dusty Budweiser display

Stale smoke smell leftover from before cigs were banned

Bloody Mary’s with horseradish, pickles, olives and a beer back

Pints of Guinness (The Underground)

Cards in the corner, red, gangster booth

Pool in the back (The Q)

Crappy chicken wings (Limey’s)

Cans of Wexford’s Cream Ale (The Royal Mile)

Greasy pizza (The Sanctuary)

Pickled eggs (Joe’s Place)

Reading poetry? on the bathroom walls

Writing poetry? on the bathroom walls

Rolling cloth hand dryers on the bathroom walls

Cute bartenders in tank tops and tattered t-shirts

Tabs for the night under fifty bucks

Accidental meet-ups with friends

Planned meet-ups with friends

Accidentally meeting the love of your life

Strong whiskey and Coke (The Hilltop)

Playing gigs (The Green Room)

Watching gigs (Gabe’s)

Weird guys sending you drinks (The Front Row)

Pretzel mix on the tables (Ducktail Lounge)

100 beers on tap (El Bait Shop)

Tater tots on tap (High Life Lounge)

I miss bars, bars, bars



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